Is a medical device consultancy like an expedition?

Article Published in Team consulting. > Text is here: Is a medical device consultancy like an expedition?   Developing a medical device is not a straight-forward activity. It’s a journey where many obstacles will be encountered and unexpected findings will arise. As in any journey, you might need a wide range of expertise to be …


Keypad design guidelines

I came across this valued reference for designing keypad and wanted to share it If the link stops working, you can download from here:   keypad-design-guide

Working with a Product Design Consultancy

Working with a Product Design Consultancy I have worked as a product design consultant for 10 years. During this period I have collaborated with many clients from different industries with a wider range of needs. What I have found is that there are some type of business where is very difficult to add value as …


Goju Ryu Karate History

Brief  chronology of the history of Goju Ryu Karate   1853  Kanryo Higaonna  is born in Okinawa 1867  Kanryo Higaonna  travels to Fuzhou in China  to learn martial arts and meet Ryu Ryu Ko, who teaches him Fujian White Crane style. 1881  Kanryo Higaonna returns to Okinawa and founds the Naha-te martial art based on his learnings from Ryu …



Yucatán in México is an extraordinary tourist destination. I am often asked if I recommend it and what to visit. So I decided to share a map with the main tourist sites in the area and a route that I followed in 2017. What to see in Yucatan I would divide it in 4 main …


Gage R&R

Here is a process that I found online and adapted to a spreadsheet to calculate Gage R&R based on Average and Range Average and Range TMV calculations This is how its calculated: This section describes the calculation method used to evaluate the test results from the Gauge R and R studies. Test is conducted according …