Mexico Itineraries

Here is a map that shows several itineraries and areas to visit. It includes Guatemala as well I will be updating it shortly and describing it in more detail

Baja California

Baja california is one of the best places to see sea-life. Depending on the season different species can be spotted. One of the best places to explore is around La Paz, where you can get excursions to see sea lions, whales and whale sharks. The food is also excellent in la Paz. Loreto is also …


Mexico city Food and places to visit

Map of sites, museums and restaurants in CDMX Map of traditional Cantinas They are all great! Food Markets  Central de Abastos – Maaaaaasive market, Mexico City’s central market. You can’t visit all, just go around and see the stalls. There are places to eat, but I have never eaten there. Mercado de San Juan –  …