My name is Xorge Castro Pelayo (XCP) and this is a short bio about me and my blog

I was born in Mexico City  and currently live in Cambridge, UK. Studied Industrial Design and Manufacturing Management. I work as product designer and currently I am working in a design and engineering consultancy in Cambridge where I develop all sorts of products (Consumer, Medical, FMCG). I suppose that I am a combination of a Designer, Inventor, Engineer and Project Manager.

In my spare time I like designing, drawing, taking pictures, traveling and cooking. So this is what this blog will be about…. I intent to use it as a showcase for things that I may have done, made or created. A place to share thoughts related to arts and design. And a place to share traveling experiences.

Please get in touch if you like anything here.

Also, here is my personal website x-castro.com




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