Cambridge Creative Reactions – Pint of Science 2018

Creative Reactions 2018

In May 2018 I participated in Cambridge Pint of Science- Creative Reactions where I showcased the image in this post. The purpose of the event is to create an art project around a presentation that is part of the Pint of Science event. In my case I was assigned the presentation The Impact of Surgical Brain Injury by Rohit Sinha (Clinical Research Fellow).

Here is the abstract for the talk:
“Operating on the brain poses obvious risks to vital functions and the very ‘being’ of a patient. When treating brain diseases such as cancer and stroke with surgery, a core aim is to spare the healthy nearby brain tissue. In this talk Rohit will discuss the progress so far in our aim to save healthy brain during surgery and how current research may improve the safety of surgery in future”

My project looks at how cognitive abilities affect how we perceive the world. One of the effects of loosing cognitive abilities is the lack of capacity to recognize facial expressions. For this reason I took several pictures of myself with different facial expressions and blended them around the eye, as I find the part of our face that tells more about an expression. The result is a confusing image without any expression.

The text shows extracts from “Life of Bryan” as patients also loose their ability to recognize jokes. I choose this text as I couldn’t find it funny when I first watch it on my first year living in the UK.



The Impact of Surgical Brain Injury