Useful Design and Engineering tools


Bayer used to offer a wider range of on-line resources to learn how  to design better Injection moulding products. Bayer has now been acquired by Covestro, and the on-line tools are very similar. Bayer also offered some documents that are useful design guidelines. Below are links to the documents and on-line tools.

Part and Mould Design Guidelines by BAYER

Bayer Part and Mold Design PDF

Material Selection Guidelines by BAYER

Bayer Material Selection PDF

Plastic Snap fit Design  by BAYER1

Bayer Snap Fits Design guidelines PDF

Snap Fits  online design tool By Covestro

Covestro offers an online tool to calculate snaps. Is the same that Bayer used to offer:

Website and results snapshots

FEM snap design tool

Fem part

FEM result


Basf offers an online span calculator that is very useful to quickly calculate deformation and loads on spanps.

BASF online snap fit design calculator

My Personal Excel Snap fit calculator

It is based on Basf’s Snap fit calculator and uses a simple snap design and assumptions to quickly calculate Snap Fits – It works!

Xorge Castro Snap Fits calculator


Onshape is a new online CAD system that may be worth trying