Is a medical device consultancy like an expedition?

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Is a medical device consultancy like an expedition?


Developing a medical device is not a straight-forward activity. It’s a journey where many obstacles will be encountered and unexpected findings will arise. As in any journey, you might need a wide range of expertise to be able to accomplish it successfully.

For a moment, let’s imagine a journey centuries ago; like the crusades or when the Spanish adventured into America. To reach their destination and return home safely, those travellers always required a leader. But they also needed navigators, translators, writers, negotiators, warriors, priests… the list goes on! If the expedition could recruit experienced team members, their potential for success would increase dramatically.

When developing a device, we need to bring together top-quality experts in different fields to be able to reach a ground-breaking result. A team with a variety of skills and experience is the best recipe to this success.

Similarly to old-time expeditions, you won’t need all the experts to work at the same time. There’s little use for the translators when you’re sailing in the open sea; once you’re on land, there’s not much need for a sailor.

The same happens in product development – at each stage of the journey the required expertise changes. And as I’m sure you’re guessing, all journeys are different, so the expertise are not always needed in the same order.


At Team we have a huge advantage when developing a product. We have experts in all fields needed to develop medical devices. This means that our ‘expeditions’ have a high rate of success, as we can get hold of the required skills, experience and knowledge when we need it.

Some of the expertise we have at Team include:

• Industrial design
• Interaction design
• Packaging design
• Design engineering
• Mechanical engineering
• Manufacturing
• Simulations
• Electronics engineering
• Software engineering
• Regulatory and quality
• Human factors engineering
• Project management

In the same way you may discover an unknown land, when developing a medical device you want to be assured that you have support from a wide range of skills to reach your objective. At Team we have just that – multidisciplinary teams that allow us to deliver innovative medical devices to the highest standards.

Xorge is part of our mechanical engineering team where he develops innovative product technologies and is involved in all aspects of medical device development. His background is in industrial design, with 15 years’ product and technology development experience.